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Washington County Historical Society

País / Country: United States of America Museums in USA
Depto / Estado / Provincia - Department / State / Province: Maryland
Ciudad / Municipio / Pueblo - City / Municipality / Town: Hagerstown
Dirección Postal / Address: 135 W. Washington St.
Teléfono / Phone: 301-797-8782
Página Web / Website: www.washcohistory.org 
Correo Electrónico / E-mail: info@washcohistory.org
Director: Dr. Stefanie Basalik
Aspectos Relevantes / Relevant aspects: The Washington County Historical Society was founded in 1911 to preserve and promote the history, heritage, and culture of Washington County, Maryland. Washington County has been involved in local, national, and international history since the 1730s, and through exhibitions, outreach, and education, we teach the lessons of the past and how they can help to shape the future.
Servicios / Services: The Washington County Historical Society owns and operates the Miller House, which houses the Miller House Museum and the kinship Family Heritage Research Center. The Miller House Museum is open to the public, and highlights local history through decorative arts, furnishings, artifacts, and 4 rotating exhibitions per year. The kinship Family Heritage Research Center offers a comprehensive research experience for genealogy researchers.
Historia / History: The Washington County Historical Society was founded in 1911. Early projects included the purchase and restoration of several locations which have become either state or national landmarks, including certain parts of the Antietam National Battlefield. In 1966, the WCHS acquired the Miller House, and set about furnishing the home to act as a community museum that highlights local history. With governmental protections for historic properties, the Washington County Historical Society refocused on preservation and conservation through outreach and education.
Horario de atención / Office hours: Tuesday - Saturday 9 am - 4 pm
Redes institucionales a las que pertenece / Institutional networks to which it belongs: AASLH, AAM, Museums for All, Blue Star Museums
Temas de la Colección / Subjects of the Collecction: Local decorative arts and furniture, military artifacts from the American Revolution through the Vietnam War, and an extensive textile collection.
Tamaño de la Colección / Collecction Size: 15,000 artifacts
URL del Catálogo de la Colección / Catalogue's URL:
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