Sights & Sounds Black Cultural Museum

País / Country: United States 
Estado / State: GA
Ciudad / City: Atlanta
Dirección Postal / Address: 2050 Lawrenceville Highway, North DeKalb Mall, Decatur, GA 30033
Teléfono / Phone: 404-454-1562
Página Web / Website:
Correo Electrónico / E-mail:
Nombre del Director / Name of Director: James Horton
Breve Historia del Museo / Brief History of the Museum: The mission of the Sights and Sounds Black Cultural Museum is to educate the community about the progressive and innovative black history and culture from Africa to America; expose the community to a better understanding of the black cultural experience through exhibit tours, lectures and workshops; inspire the community to collect, cherish, and display black culture and history through art, artifacts and memorabilia, and become successful role models and constructive leaders.
Servicios / Services Offered: Tours, Rentals, Youth Programming & Internships, Memberships, Book Signings, Vendor Space Rentals, Exhibitions & Volunteer Opportunities.
Tipos de Colección / Types of Collection: Sights & Sounds preserves African and African-American achievements and contributions towards our global society that date from pre-colonial times to today. All 27 exhibits of Mr. Horton’s private collection will be digitized in their entirety which include: Great Grandma’s Kitchen, The Inventor’s Table, Tuskegee Airmen, Music & Musicians, Sports & Athletes, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Civil Rights Leaders, President Obama, African Kings & Queens, The Princess & The Frog, etc...
Descripción / Description: When touring the Sights & Sounds Black Cultural Museum, the open displays of Mr. Horton’s personal effects reflect his desire to share his historical photographs, ephemera, oral histories and other materials with a larger audience (especially elementary school children). Furthermore, Mr. Horton’s unique collection and display style constantly adds current African-American achievements and cultural influences thereby keeping his exhibits exciting and relevant.
Horario de atención / Customer Service Hours: Museum opening hours: 10AM to 6PM (Mon-Sat). Sundays by request.
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